Dr. Sandy L. Robinson

Dr. Sandy L. Robinson

Dr. Sandy L. Robinson is the incoming Interim Executive Director of the Nassau Center and North Campus President-Elect. Dr. Robinson holds a Doctorate in Higher Education Administration from Kent State University and a Master of Education in adult learning and development from Cleveland State University. In her previous role, Dr. Robinson served as Vice President for Cuyahoga Community College. Dr. Robinson will begin on or around Aug. 4, 2014. Below are a few highlights regarding her future plans, along with a few fun facts about herself.

Q. What methods will you use to increase enrollment at the Nassau Center and North Campus of FSCJ?

A. “I plan to first learn more about the area, our students and the Jacksonville area. I will connect with the local schools to continue to leverage the partnerships that are already developed. I would like to develop additional programs at the Nassau Center. These potential new programs will bring additional students to the center. I would also like to continue to focus on retention and the success of our current students.”

Q.  What qualities will you bring to FSCJ from your previous college that will promote the FSCJ image?

A. “Passion and commitment to student success, a team spirit, fun and welcoming [environment], high energy and loyalty.”

Q. Are there any future plans for Nassau Center or the North Campus to be remodeled or updated?

A. “I do understand that there were previous plans to build a new health career building at North Campus. I plan to review the plans and determine with our President how it fits into the strategic plan of the College. Regarding the Nassau Center, I will first determine the current utilization of the center and identify the opportunities for enhancement/update as appropriate.”

Q. What advice/thoughts do you have for the new and current employees that work at Nassau Center and North Campus of FSCJ?

A. “I am very excited to join the FSCJ team, specifically working with North Campus and Nassau center employees. I want us to continue to focus on the success of our students, providing quality learning experiences and to look for innovative ways to serve our local community.”

Q. What is the #1 most played artist on you iPod?

A. “Prince.”