Director of Student Recruitment Al Case

Director of Student Recruitment Al Case
  1. As you settle into your role as Director of Student Recruitment, what strengths do you see in FSCJ’s current structure?

    I feel our greatest strength is in our diversity: Our diversity of campuses and centers; program options and platforms (brick and mortar, online and hybrid); and students, faculty and staff with varied backgrounds, skills, experiences and expertise. We’re a rich and diverse institution and if we can harness that quality, we can absolutely maximize our potential.

  2. What area do you think the College can improve the most on in terms of recruitment efforts? 
    I would like to see us move to an integrated Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) model. When we look at SEM and institutions that employ it across their campus community, we find schools optimizing their recruitment, retention and graduation of students within that institution’s academic context. A true SEM model integrates the entire campus community and helps institutions fulfill strategic goals for the short- and long-term of the institution.


  3. How do you plan to help FSCJ improve its methods of developing meaningful relationships with students?
    From a recruitment perspective, this means having a better understanding of our population and segmenting our communication to better meet the needs, wants, desires, fears and ambitions of prospective students. This requires a good understanding of data, but also the tools necessary to connect at the scale necessary for our population. We have to constantly assess our methods and tactics, while always striving to try to better understand our audience. It’s always a work in progress and requires collective self-reflection and persistence.


  4. What expectations do you have for the 2017-18 academic year?
    The upcoming year will continue to be a period of evolution, development and growth for the recruitment team and the entire FSCJ community. As a recruitment team, I want to see our staff continue to develop professionally and become more empowered to optimally represent FSCJ. I also hope for us to develop a sound, but nimble strategic recruitment framework that allows us to optimize our potential and respond to a rapidly changing landscape. Finally, I want to be able to share more information with the FSCJ community about what recruitment is really about and the part it plays in a sustainable enrollment model.


  5. Are there any new resources you plan to implement or have implemented to help FSCJ better embrace and encourage future students?
    We continue to review various different tools and resources to better embrace and encourage students to consider FSCJ. As a whole, we look forward to our continued search for a robust, lifecycle CRM that will allow for user-friendly dashboard reports, but perhaps more importantly, help us segment messaging to a variety of audiences using more platforms.