December 2020 Recruitment Update

December 2020 Recruitment Update

As we approach the end of the Fall Term, the Recruitment and Admissions team wishes the FSCJ community a safe and joyous holiday season. As we anticipate the holiday season approaching, our team continues to promote FSCJ through various events and outreach and plan for a full Spring 2021 Term calendar.

Team members continue to participate in several outreach events, with a mix of virtual and in-person events scheduled through the remainder of December into January. All in-person events have limited capacity and include strict adherence to CDC guidelines for social-distancing to protect both staff and guests in attendance. These events include popular topics such as College and Career Exploration, Application Assistance and Financial Aid Nights. Please go to to see our full schedule of events, which is updated regularly.

In addition to regular weekly events, we recently hosted our first Start Ahead event last Thursday, December 3. The Start Ahead program focused on resources for students to start their journey at FSCJ for the Spring 2021 Term and an emphasis on short-term programs that connect to high-wage careers. In a partnership with leadership from academic programs, the signature portion of the program was a panel featuring short-term program leaders and FSCJ Career Development. One lucky Incoming student, Nina Ward, joining FSCJ this Spring 2021 Term, was selected as the recipient of a $500 FSCJ Scholarship. You can learn more about Nina and her excitement for FSCJ by checking out our FSCJ Bound Facebook Post celebrating her award.  

Our Enrollment Coaches also recently unveiled a new way to connect with prospective students through Admissions Outlook Booking. Announced to incoming students on Friday, December 4, Outlook Booking provides accepted students an opportunity to book an appointment directly with a member of the Admissions team. Within a day of the announcement, the entire week of December 7-11 has been booked by incoming students seeking assistance with their final admissions steps.

Finally, as we look ahead toward the Spring 2021 Term, we are pleased to share we have added additional programming to our already established Online Orientation. Starting on October 22, we began hosting weekly First-Year Experience Registration Events both online and in-person. These events provide students more information on the required IDS1107 course: Strategies for the Pursuit of Knowledge. During these events, students receive important information on IDS 1107 class topics as well as a live demonstration on how to register for the class. On November 17, we hosted our first Family Orientation program at Kent Campus for family members of accepted students .

Have a friend or family member interested in FSCJ? Please encourage them to join our Facebook group, FSCJ Bound: A group for interested and admitted students, friends, and family.

Keep an eye out for more updates and highlights from Recruitment and Admissions in future BlueWave Newsletters. If you would like to learn more, please email