Bosnian War Survivor Delivers FSCJ Author Series Lectures

Bosnian War Survivor Delivers FSCJ Author Series Lectures

FSCJ was pleased to host Mr. Kenan Trebincevic, author of “The Bosnia List,” for its eighth annual Author Series learning community.

Mr. Trebincevic visited three campuses and spoke to hundreds of students about his experience leaving Bosnia and coming to the United States as a refugee. He delivered lectures at both Kent and South campuses and participated in Open Campus/Deerwood Center’s “Escape Room” that featured recreated scenes from his memoir. 

The faculty and students involved in the Author Series spent this academic year bringing attention to issues during the war in Bosnia such as genocide, human rights and refugees. Throughout the year, students participated in refugee simulation workshops, lectures from Lutheran Social Services on refugee awareness and film viewings on current human rights issues here in Jacksonville. In honor of “The Bosnia List,” all five FSCJ campuses permanently exhibited the United Nations’ “Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” These spaces are dedicated to the human rights of all FSCJ students and employees. 

Many thanks to the faculty and students for participating in one of the most successful Author Series learning communities yet. The FSCJ Author Series is open to any faculty member in any discipline, so stay tuned for next year’s topic and memoir. For more information, please contact Professor Rawlslyn Francis.