Blocktoberfest 2015

Blocktoberfest 2015

This year was another successful year for the Blocktoberfest opening and exhibit at FSCJ South Campus.

Blocktoberfest is an annual printmaking extravaganza featuring workshops, t-shirt printing and large-scale block printing with a steamroller. Every October, the Art Guild students and printmaking classes create great artistic creations with these blocks that produce an even more fantastic print.

This year was no different. On October 23, students were busy creating and printing their works, Professor Miko was busy organizing, planning and printing, and Professor Cottrell was busy steam rolling and printing the large blocks.

This year the guest speaker and participant was Dave Menard, a professor at Rockford College in Chicago, Illinois. His group of artists called Fatherless are exhibiting their prints in the Nathan H. Wilson Center for the Arts until the end of November.  The exhibit is a collection of mixed media pieces that combine graphic design, printmaking and drawing and are inspired by the imagery of pop culture and the visual world that we experience every day. His bright and colorful works tap into our collective cultural memory, our shared histories and influences based on images from popular media.

(Photographs were taken by Katherine Martin, program coordinator at Open Campus/Deerwood Center.)