FSCJ Student Partners with Local Artist on Book Project

FSCJ Student Partners with Local Artist on Book Project

Darick Taylor, an FSCJ Converged Communications student, publishing company co-owner and emerging photographer, partnered with local artist Margete Griffin on a two-book project called, "Ode to the Underground." The duo recently hosted an event where they presented "Ode to the Underground Vol. 1: Brave Hearts" and "Ode to the Underground Vol. 2: Kit'nface Speaks," as well as a series of photographic prints from the books, to a crowd of nearly 200 people, which included FSCJ faculty and employees, local artists and musicians.

"Brave Hearts" combines graphic design and photographs to pay tribute to Jacksonville’s hardworking musicians and the venues that support them. The book also contains QR codes and URLs to take its patrons directly to sites where they can experience and support the bands depicted on its pages. "Kit’nface Speaks" sees legendary street-art character, Kit’nface, addressing the importance of supporting local culture while resisting forces that might cause Jacksonville’s communities harm.

They also sold framed photographs and mounted wheat paste art in addition to the books. Smaller, collectible prints were also available, as well as copies of Artificial Gravity’s recently released comic book anthology, "Quantum Echo."

Margete is a screen printer, painter and the owner of Griff House. She has exhibited her work at galleries all over Jacksonville while running a successful printing business for decades. Darick is a soon-to-be FSCJ graduate and co-owns Artificial Gravity, a publisher of comic books, art books and speculative fiction. He is currently in the planning stages of upcoming solo and group exhibitions.