Program Spotlight: Adult Education

Program Spotlight: Adult Education

By Dayontrese Boatwright, FSCJ Marketing and Communications Intern and Converged Communications Student 

FSCJ’s Adult Education program offers the Adult High School (AHS), General Education Diploma (GED) preparation, and the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Program. Academic and Career Coordinators who specifically support Adult Education prepare students for the workforce and the transition to college. In addition, Academic Tutors work one-on-one and in group settings to prepare students for the GED. 

Dr. Linka Crosby is one of the four program directors for FSCJ’s Adult Education program. In her role, she spends a great deal of time working with her team to get students enrolled in their proper classes, creating class schedules and monitoring attendance, as well as supporting students through their pre-collegiate experience.

Dr. Crosby grew up in a family of educators where her mother and father were both ESOL teachers. When her parents were children, they had a difficult time learning English as their second language and understanding their struggle inspired Dr. Crosby to devote herself to helping others, specifically to helping students who could not help themselves due to learning or language barriers.

“Growing up, my family always taught me to help others and be kind to other people. So that’s what I try to do through my work,” she said.

As a program director, Dr. Crosby believes part of her job is to build relationships with students and to also play an active role in the classroom. “We go into these classrooms so that we never forget what it’s like to be a student and what we’re ultimately here for,” she says. “It keeps us balanced.”

Dr. Crosby has been with FSCJ for a year and is excited to continue reaching goals with her team and watching students succeed in this program.

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