Foundation Board of Directors

Members of the Northeast Florida community who volunteer to serve on the Board of Directors.


Jeff Edwards

Beaver Street Fisheries

 BoardMember-Barret, Martha

Martha Barrett

Bank of America
First Vice Chair

 Candace Holloway

Candace T. Holloway

District Board of Trustees Liaison


Wilson Studstill

Raymond James & Associates


Velma Monteiro-Tribble

Florida Blue


Dan Berenberg

 Dr. Bioteau

Dr. Cynthia Bioteau

College President


Ronald Calloway

Seaonus LLC



Nancy Chartrand


Robert Cook

Great South Timber & Lumber, Inc.


Husein Cumber

Florida East Coast Industries

 Allison DeFoor

Dr. Allison DeFoor

The Episcopal Diocese of Florida as the Canon to the Ordinary


Timothy Tresca

Hazel Partners LLC


Wayne Young



Dr. H. Wade Barnes, Jr.

North Florida OB/GYN Association
Director Emeritus


Edward A. Nimnicht, II

Director Emeritus


James Winston

LPMC Company
Director Emeritus


Senator Stephen R. Wise

Director Emeritus