When an employee’s regular work schedule is not fully on campus or fully telework, it is a partial telework assignment. Example: An employee works at home Tuesdays and Thursdays and on campus Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
This policy applies to Administrative, Professional and Career positions that lend themselves to telework.
Yes. A supervisor may deny or approve a request based on the needs of the position.
Before a request is submitted, employees are encouraged to have a conversation with their supervisor regarding whether their position is conducive to telework. It is the department’s responsibility to determine whether, in the best interest of the College, the duties of the respective position are conducive to telework. Denied requests will be routed through Human Resources to be reviewed from an equity perspective.
Yes. Telework assignments will expire June 30 of each year should an earlier date not be determined. The College maintains the right to end a telework assignment at any point.
Yes. Employees may be requested to report to a campus location with minimal notice. Any exemptions are to be approved by the employee’s supervisor.
While the College does not have a formal dress code, employees should dress appropriately for the workplace while on duty.
The supervisor should communicate in advance what assignments or tasks are appropriate to be performed at the telework site.
An employee is expected to maintain a professional work environment that allows for the performance of all job requirements and for confidentiality. Teleworking is not a substitute for dependent care, medical leave or caring for family member.
An employee must follow the leave and attendance policies and procedures of the College if they are unavailable or unable to work during their identified work schedule.