Managing performance is a continuous process of timely and effective communication between supervisors and their employees. The College’s performance management process emphasizes regular employee engagement and fosters more frequent, relevant and timely feedback and communication between supervisors and employees. Communications should include clarifying expectations, setting objectives, identifying goals, providing feedback and reviewing results.

The College’s review process provides an opportunity for employees to discuss their performance and plans for improvements with their supervisor to encourage and support their professional growth and development as College employees.

Note: Employees and supervisors needing assistance with reviews, can contact ER.

The review process incorporates competency-based performance measurements, goal setting and tracking, and individual professional development planning. The College’s schedule and process for conducting performance reviews can be found in APM 03-1201 Performance Review of Administrative, Professional, Career and Adjunct Employees or Article 11 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement for Faculty evaluations.

By signing the review, the employee indicates that they received the review, not that they are in agreement. Employees may submit a written statement providing comments in response to their performance review to ER, to be attached to the employee’s review.

Note: Employees should contact ER with questions or concerns regarding submitting a written statement about their review, at


The College offers both Instructional (face-to-face) and Virtual training on the performance review process as well as the basics of Goal Setting and creating Individual Development Plans. Click here to search for upcoming sessions and to register.

Additionally, training videos and instructional materials on how to complete reviews, create SMART Goal and the IDP process.