FSCJ believes that all College personnel are entitled to fair and equitable treatment.

We strongly encourage all employees to communicate with their immediate supervisor to resolve issues informally, whenever possible. If you are unsuccessful in resolving your issue, we encourage you to consult with ER for possible alternative resolutions. If the issue is not resolved during the informal process, the employee may file a formal complaint or grievance using the College’s complaint/grievance process.

The College’s complaint/grievance process is designed to provide resolution of an employee’s complaint or concern regarding an alleged violation of a College Board Rule or Administrative Procedure that results in an adverse employee action against the employee. The College and its employees share a joint responsibility to seek means of satisfactory complaints/grievance resolutions concerning an employee’s rights regarding terms and conditions of employment as set forth in the College Board Rules and Administrative Procedure.

Note: Matters that cannot be a subject of a complaint or grievance include: allegations of harassment, discrimination, retaliation (refer to APM 02-1303 Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Harassment or Retaliation), personnel evaluations or performance improvement plans, interpersonal disagreements, work assignments and schedules that are within established job descriptions and qualifications, contract nonrenewal, selection or non-selection for a position.