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2007-2008 Programs of Study

Information Technology

Computer developers are the people who change our lives as much as the fellow who invented the wheel. Without developers, computers are useless. Applications developers design, write, test, and debug software programs. Systems developers oversee and integrate the work of applications developers and serve as technical advisors to systems analysts, application programmers, and operations personnel.

There are five options within this program:

Students may choose to pursue the Information Technology degree and earn technical certificates while completing the requirements for the degree, or pursue one or more certificate programs to develop or upgrade their skills in a particular field. Contact an advisor or counselor to determine the career education path that is best for you.

Web Development Specialist (6954)

Technical Certificate

The explosive growth of the Internet and electronic commerce affects almost every company and organization today. Most medium to large size corporations and organizations, and many small businesses, now develop web sites for electronic commerce, to develop marketing relationships, distribute company information to employees and their customers, and to access vital information in databases. The Web Development Specialist Technical Certificate provides the necessary coursework and hands-on experiences to enable graduates to design, develop, maintain, manage and administer comprehensive web sites for corporations and organizations. The program also provides a foundation for various certification examinations in Webmaster/Web Development.


All courses in this certificate program apply to the Information Technology A.S. degree.


Estimated cost of tuition is $1,793 (tuition rated for Florida residents, as of 7/07). Contact the program manager for additional costs (textbooks, materials, fees).


Course Number and Title
General Education
COP 1000 Introduction to Programming and Algorithm Design
COP 2822 Web Technologies
CGS 2283 Internet Servers and Inter-networking
COP 2702 Oracle SQL and PL/SQL
CGS 2820 Web Site Design and Development
CGS 2821 Advanced Web Site Design and Development
COP 2840 Internet Programming
  Credit Hours
  Total Credit Hours

Please see the technical certificate Graduation Requirements.

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