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Florida Community College 2007-08 Catalog


College Credit Courses

SPA 1605 American Sign Language IV — 3 Credit Hours

Prerequisite: Pass the Proficiency in American Sign Language Exam (PACE). This course is a continuation of SPA 1604 and the first American Sign Language course within the Sign Language Interpretation Program. The course will emphasize advanced level sign vocabulary, compound complex grammatical constructions, and idiomatic usage of American Sign Language. Emphasize on the development of conversational fluency with the student being able to discourse freely and naturally with ASL users in both receptive and expressive aspects of the language will be the focus of this course. There will be additional costs associated with this course related to outside activities needed to develop conversational fluency. This may include attendance at the local Deaf club, events at the Florida School for the Deaf in St. Augustine, etc. Three contact hours. A.S.

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