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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Most Commonly Asked Questions


I attended college credit classes at Florida Community College several years ago. Do I need to complete another application for admission?

No, check with the campus enrollment services office to update your records and prepare for registration.

What is the difference between degree seeking and nondegree seeking?

Florida Community College offers four kinds of college credit degrees for degree seeking students — the bachelor of applied science (B.A.S.), the associate in arts (A.A.), the associate in science (A.S.) and associate in applied science (A.A.S.). Students who have an associate in science degree and want to further their education may pursue a B.A.S. degree. Students who want to transfer to a four–year college or university pursue an A.A. degree. Students who want to obtain a degree in a specified area of expertise pursue an A.S. or A.A.S. degree. Non–degree seeking students are not trying to earn a degree. They may be taking classes for work advancement, to transfer credit back to another college or for personal enrichment.

I will graduate from high school in late May; can I register as a Dual Enrollment student for the summer term, which begins in early May?

You will be ineligible for Dual Enrollment for this term because the credits will not apply toward your high school diploma prior to your graduation.


Where do I have my transcripts from another institution sent?

Have them sent to: Student Records Office, Florida Community College, 940 N. Main St., Jacksonville, FL 32202–3081.

How do I get my Florida Community College official transcript?

The easiest way to request a transcript is to do so online through Artemis. Transcripts can also be requested by faxing your request to 904.633.8304 and including your signature, Social Security number (or student ID number), and the address where you want the transcript sent. Or place your request, in person, at your nearest campus enrollment services office.

How are quarter credit hours from an external college converted to semester credit hours and how will they be counted toward my program of study?

One–quarter hour is equivalent to 0.67 semester–hours. A three–quarter credit hour course becomes a two–semester hour course and a five–quarter credit hour course becomes a three and one–third–semester hour course. If quarter hours have been transferred, consult with your academic counselor/advisor to ensure that program requirements will be met.

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Financial Aid

Where do I go for information on financial aid?

Contact the enrollment services office on the campus you plan to attend.

Does Florida Community College provide scholarships for students?

Yes, visit the Florida Community College scholarships Web page or contact the enrollment services office on the campus you plan to attend.

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When is college credit class registration?

Refer to the dates listed in the class schedule (available in the campus enrollment services office).

May I register if I haven’t gotten my transcripts from another institution/high school/Navy/etc.?

It’s not a problem, if it’s your first term enrolling. But if they are not received by the end of the term, you cannot register for subsequent terms. In this case, you will be notified and will need to continue to follow–up until all of your transcripts have been received. You may not qualify for financial aid, however, until all transcripts are received and evaluated.

May I register at one campus for classes at another campus?

You may register for any class at any campus; you can also do this online. (See the special section in the class schedule.)

When is the last day to register?

Refer to the class schedule or check with the campus enrollment services office.

When does the term start and end?

Refer to the College calendar listed in the catalog.

How can I get a catalog? An application? A class schedule?

You may pick one up at any campus enrollment services office or call 904.646.2300.

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Distance Learning

What is distance learning?

Distance learning includes courses which you take online and courses which consist of a video component available on CD–rom or cable TV.

How do I register for a distance learning class?

Register online, on campus or on the phone.

Where do I get my books?

Textbooks are available at any campus bookstore or can be ordered online.

Where do I take my exams?

Most online classes feature exams online, as well. Telecourses and some online classes require you to come to campus or an approved test location for testing. Details will be covered by your instructor.

What if I miss an episode of my telecourse?

If you miss viewing them at their regularly scheduled time on cable TV, you can view them at any campus library, or check the Distance Learning Web site for a re–air schedule.

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How long do you have to live in Florida to be considered a resident?

You must live in Florida 12 consecutive months prior to the first day of classes to qualify as a resident.

If my spouse is in the military, do I qualify for instate tuition?

If your spouse is stationed in Florida on active duty, you and your dependents qualify for in–state tuition.

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Drops and Cancellations

How do I drop a class in order to obtain a refund?

The easiest way to drop a class is online. You may also drop courses on campus. All drops must be completed by the drop deadline.

When will I get my refund?

You will receive your refund within four to six weeks. Checks are not processed until after the drop deadline. If you paid with a charge card, your card will be credited, otherwise you will receive a check.

When is the last day to drop a class?

Refer to the College calendar listed in the catalog.

My class was cancelled. How do I get my refund?

Refunds are mailed automatically unless you register for another class in its place.

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How much do books cost?

Books vary in price, but $35 per credit hour is a good benchmark.

When does the bookstore buy back books?

This varies from term to term; check with the bookstore.

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Is there a parking fee?

Yes, there is a parking fee included with your tuition. If you do not use the Florida Community College parking facilities at any campus or center, you should obtain a parking fee waiver at any enrollment services office prior to registering for classes.

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Who can I contact if I don’t know what to do to resolve a problem?

Contact a counselor or advisor within the campus student success office. They are specially trained to answer such questions and to help you obtain the assistance you need.

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What must I do when I am ready to graduate?

  1. Be registered in your last remaining classes.
  2. Go to Artemis.
  3. Sign on “Online Student Services.”
  4. Under the section “My Academic History” select degree audit.
  5. Choose the “degree audit” option at bottom of the screen.
  6. View your degree audit and check your “Graduation Status Messages.”
  7. If there are outstanding requirements listed, see your academic advisor for assistance.
  8. If your “Graduation Status Messages” states that you are ready to graduate, your degree will automatically be awarded and reflected on the transcript five days AFTER the term ends. (For the fall term degree messages will be placed on the transcript during the first week of January.)

When will I receive my diploma?

Diplomas are mailed to students who have graduated within six weeks after final graduation.

What are some holds that may keep me from graduating?

  • Financial hold.
  • High school transcript or external college transcript not received.
  • “I” grades.
  • GPA less than 2.0.
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Students who Currently Have an Associate Degree or Higher

If I currently possess an associate in arts degree from a college outside the state of Florida, can I pursue the A.A. degree at Florida Community College?

Yes. We will evaluate transcripts from the other institution(s) where you completed your previous degree and award credit that is applicable to the degree you seek at Florida Community College.

Do I have to take the college placement test?

In the transcript evaluation process, if Florida Community College agrees to accept math and/or English classes from your previous college(s) as equivalent, you will not be required to take the college placement test for these subject areas.

How long does the transcript evaluation process take? Can I take any courses while waiting for those results?

Once you enroll in your first set of classes the transcript evaluation process will begin. We will evaluate your transcripts as they are received and you will be notified by mail when each evaluation is completed. You can start taking classes prior to the completion of your transcript evaluation.

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