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Florida Community College 2007-08 Catalog


Enrollment and Registration for Certificate Programs

Florida Community College offers many postsecondary training programs which prepare students to enter a new career. Each of these programs prepares students to enter a specific occupation or one of a cluster of related occupations. To complete a program, students must demonstrate that they have mastered specific job–related performance requirements as well as communication and computation competencies. Upon the completion of a program, students will be awarded a postsecondary training certificate.

Postsecondary job preparatory programs vary in length from 20 to 1,500 hours. Students entering programs which are 450 hours or more are required to be assessed in basic reading, mathematics and language skills. Prior to the completion of their respective programs, those students who score below the prescribed grade levels on the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) will be required to enroll in basic skills training (VPI) and be retested to demonstrate attainment of the prescribed skill level for their respective programs of study.

Enrollment procedures for students entering vocational programs are as follows:

  1. Membership Application Complete and submit a Florida Community College Student Membership Application, along with the $15 records origination fee. Applications are available through the enrollment services office at each campus or by calling the Collegewide Information Center at 904.646.2300 or visiting our Web site.
  2. Financial Aid Application If you are interested in receiving financial aid, call or visit the enrollment services office on campus. The Collegewide Information Center (904.646.2300) can also mail you an application for federal student aid or you may visit our Web site.
  3. Career Goal If you haven’t already decided on a career goal and Florida Community College program of study, make an appointment with a counselor at the Career Development Center on campus.
  4. Assessment After submitting your Florida Community College membership application, contact the assessment and certification center on campus and take the required Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE).
  5. Advising Make an appointment with the manager of the vocational program in which you plan to enroll. The program manager will advise you regarding which classes to take first. If you are not sure who to call, call 904.646.2300.
  6. Registration During the appropriate registration period, register for the courses you plan to take this term via the Web or in person.
  7. Tuition and Fees Tuition and fees must be paid by the payment deadline. Payment may be made by mail or by visiting the Business Affairs office on campus. Upon payment, we will mail you your class schedule and fee statement.
  8. Lifetime Member Card Obtain a student identification Lifetime Member Card on campus.
  9. Parking Decal A parking decal may be picked up at any campus security office.
Vocational Preparation Instruction

Developmental education is offered to non–credit students at various locations. The goal is to assist students who need additional help in improving their reading, math or language skills to earn their certificate. Program strategies include:

  1. reading courses that may be taken for high school credit,
  2. individualized instruction in reading,
  3. tutoring, and
  4. diagnostic and prescriptive teaching in the Vocational Preparatory Instruction (VPI) labs and classes in the areas of mathematics, English and reading.

For more information call 904.633.8360.

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Registration dates will vary by program category and campus. Students should contact the program advisor for specific information.

Schedule Changes

Schedule changes, commonly known as add–drop, will be allowed in accordance with the schedule established by the registrar each term.

Suspension, Termination or Cancellation of Enrollment

The College reserves the right to suspend, terminate or retroactively cancel the enrollment of any student for either of the following reasons:

  1. disciplinary reasons or
  2. non–payment of course fees when payment is due, including non–payment resulting from dishonored checks or charge cards.
  3. failure to meet the minimum standards of progress.
Enrollment Verification

Students requesting enrollment certification for educational benefits must be admitted to and be enrolled in a vocational program. Full time attendance requirements range from 20 to 30 clock hours per week. The minimum may vary by program and agency requirement. Veterans should refer to the Student Services section, Veteran Affairs, in the catalog for information. Students may also contact Veteran Affairs located in the enrollment services office on each campus.

Prerequisites and Corequisites

Some certificate courses include specific requirements which must be met prior to enrollment. These requirements may include prerequisites (courses which must be satisfactorily completed prior to enrollment), corequisites (courses which must be taken at the same time of enrollment) or other specific conditions.

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