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Florida Community College 2006-07 Catalog

Student Services, Resources and Activities

Libraries, Learning Centers and Computer Labs


Florida Community College’s libraries offer a full range of resources and services to students. Librarians and professional staff members are on hand to assist with research and materials available in print, audio–visual, and digital/computer–based formats. Each campus/center library holds specialized items and collections established to support unique curricular offerings. The electronic catalog is accessible via the Internet and includes indexes of community college and university libraries across the state of Florida. The libraries house computers with Internet access, and online databases provide access to many full–text articles and reference sources.

Librarians teach library orientation and information literacy courses designed to help students develop the research skills necessary to complete academic coursework and meet the College’s information literacy requirement. Interlibrary loan service, telecourse materials, conference and study rooms, copiers, adaptive technology for students with disabilities, and media production services are also available.

Other information, including hours of operation and links to each campus/center library Web page, is available on the library Web page.

Learning Centers

Florida Community College’s learning centers offer friendly, skilled, individualized student tutoring on a drop–in basis. Subjects tutored at no charge to currently enrolled students vary on each campus and include, but are not limited to, English, mathematics, science, foreign language, adult studies, accounting and business. In addition to receiving one–on–one tutoring from both professional and peer tutors, students may also pursue self–paced instruction through a variety of learning tools including video, audio, computer tutorials, and print resources such as subject–specific review sheets and handouts.

Computers with Internet access and English, mathematics, science and foreign language tutorials and exercises are available for currently enrolled students. An Internet–based tutorial program covering basic reading, mathematics, English and science is accessible at no charge by simple registration at the learning center.

Practice tests and learning/study materials are offered to assist students preparing to take the College Level Academic Skills Test (CLAST). Specialized programs for students in college preparatory mathematics, college preparatory English and English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses are offered. Workshops are taught each term to assist students with study skills and material covered in specific courses.

Other information, including hours of operation and links to each campus/center learning center’s Web page, is available on the learning center Web page.

Computer Labs

Each Florida Community College campus/center has open computer laboratories with Internet access and software for use by Florida Community College students enrolled in courses requiring computer–based assignments outside of class. Computers are provided with the understanding that students agree to follow the College’s Acceptable Use Policy as well as specific access policies which may vary depending on the lab.

Other information, including hours of operation for specific labs and the College’s Acceptable Use policy, is available on the student computer resources Web page.

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