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Associate in Applied Science

Construction Electricity Management (A185)

Electricity is a national necessity. That silent, invisible current moves at the speed of light, works at the flick of a switch, brews our morning coffee, powers our national defense, runs just about every thing that keeps us calm, cool and connected. No wonder we treat a power outage like an emergency. And no wonder there is always a need for more skilled electricians, especially in Florida where population and construction are at record highs.

Florida Community College’s Construction Electricity Management program provides entry level skills and prepares you to advance to master electrician and management. The degree curriculum includes general education classes such as mathematics and language combined with hands-on training and professional courses in AC/DC theories, tools, blueprints, National Electrical Code (NEC), wiring techniques and maintenance procedures.

Two technical certificates are included as options within this degree program, Construction Electricity Technician and Construction Electricity Assistant. You may choose to earn the technical certificates while completing the requirements for the degree. For more information call 904.633.8295.

Career Opportunities, Rapid Placement
Florida’s growth is soaring. Jacksonville is a boomtown. And much of the city and state are being built by graduates of our construction programs. The employment rate in all trades is 100%. No Florida Community College student who wants a job goes without a job.

Florida Community College’s Building Construction program has a long-standing relationship with this region’s major industry organizations, such as Woods Engineering, C. Young Construction, Superior Construction, Paul Fraser Homes, Stellar Group, C & C Powerlines, Dickey Smith & Company, Miatt Construction and Accubuild Construction. Members of the Northeast Florida Builders Association serve on our Construction Management Advisory Council and on advisory committees for all trades, as well as provide internships and fund annual scholarships. The advisory committees provide leadership, support and guidance for the program and support such educational activities as constructing residential projects from design to move in. You have the opportunity to network with major contractors and become employed while you’re still in school. We also refer you for internships and job interviews.

Annual Salaries
Starting salaries range from $16 to $20 an hour. Overtime, bonuses, rapid advancement and opportunities for self-employment can rapidly increase your income.

All courses are directly applicable to the electricity specialty track in Building Construction Technology A.S. degree.

Estimated tuition for Florida residents is $4,316 (as of 07/06). Contact the program manager for additional costs (textbooks, fees, materials).

Construction Electricity Management (A185) Curriculum

General Education Courses
ENC 1101 English Composition I 3
  *Humanities 3
  *Mathematics 3
  *Social and Behavioral Sciences 3
BSC 1005 Life in its Biological Environment 3
  Credit Hours 15

Trade Core Courses
BCN 1001 Introduction to Building Construction 3
ENC 2210 Technical Report Writing 3
GEB 1011 Introduction to Business 3
ETI 1701 Occupational Safety 3
APA 1001 Applied Accounting 3
BCT 1040 Blueprint Reading 3
ETI 1420 Engineering Materials and Processes 3
  Credit Hours 20

Professional Courses
BCT 1609 DC Theory 3
BCT 1608 AC Theory 3
BCT 1631 Residential Wiring I 3
BCT 1636 Commercial Wiring I 3
BCT 1632 Residential Wiring II 3
BCT 1637 Commercial Wiring II 3
BCT 1881 Electrical Maintenance 3
BCT 1610 NEC Review 3
BCT 1940 Co-op Work Experience I 3
BCT 1941 Co-op Work Experience II 3
  Credit Hours 30

Total Program Credits: 65

*Refer to A.A.S. degree General Education Requirements.

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