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Technical Certificate

Oracle Systems Administrator (6161)

From input to print out, database administrators ensure the performance of entire system. They are able to design, develop, maintain, manage and administer databases operations for any organization. Responsibilities now often include database server operations and the security of stored data. Continuously generated sensitive information has made data integrity, backup systems, data recovery, data warehousing and database security increasingly important parts of the database administrator’s job.

Florida Community College’s Oracle Systems Administrator program prepares you for immediate job entry in database administration and database consulting. You will acquire the skills necessary to design, develop and maintain comprehensive relational databases for corporations and organizations.

FCCJ is an Oracle Academic Initiative (OAI) Partner with Oracle Corporation. Coursework in this program will help you prepare for certification exams. Oracle certifications are tangible, industry-recognized credentials — validation of your training and experience that will accelerate your professional development, improve your productivity and enhance your credibility.

An internship provides work experience in database technologies.

Career Opportunities, Rapid Placement
There is an estimated shortage of 300,000 database technologists in the United States, and the need is growing. Many of the world’s best companies run on Oracle databases and applications, including: Boeing, NASA and Honeywell, Coca-Cola, Lufthansa, SAS, Exxon/Mobile, many of the world's largest banks and hundreds of government agencies. A FCCJ intranet posts jobs targeting our students. You may also post your resume and receive e-mails about job-related topics.

Annual Salaries
Local entry-level salaries range from $35,000 to $45,000. Career database administrators can achieve six figure incomes.

Certification and Licensing
The Oracle Software Engineering program provides a foundation for various certification examinations in the database field, including the Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) exams and Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) exams.

All courses in this technical certificate apply to the Database Technology A.S./A.A.S. degree.

Estimated tuition is $2,191 (for Florida residents, based on fees as of 7/06). Contact the program manager for costs of books, materials and fees.

Oracle Systems Administrator (6161)

Professional Courses
MAT 1033 Intermediate Algebra 4
CGS 1100 Microcomputer Applications for
Business and Economics
CGS 2542 Database Concepts for Microcomputers 3
COP 1000 Introduction to Programming and
Algorithm Design
COP 2702 Oracle SQL and PL/SQL 4
COP 2741 Oracle Database Administration 4
CIS 1943 Internship 3
COP 2742 Oracle Advanced DBA 4
COP 2743 DB2 Universal Database 4
  Credit Hours 33

Total Credit Hours: 33

Please see the technical certificate Graduation Requirements.


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