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Biomedical Equipment Maintenance and Repair Technology (5936)

This is a career with a long and lucrative future. The more advances science makes in technology, the more medicine relies on intricate equipment for everything from diagnostics to life-support. It is an escalating industry in need of tech-savvy specialists.

Florida Community College’s core curriculum for Biomedical Equipment Maintenance and Repair Technology focuses on skills in demand by local manufacturers and medical facilities. You will learn to maintain and repair the defibrillators, infusion pumps, patient monitors, x-ray equipment, respirators, cardiovascular equipment, oscilloscopes and heart-lung machines used by nearly every hospital, clinic and private practice.

We have one of the most comprehensive hands-on biomedical technician programs in Florida. You’ll get the training and experience needed for entry level positions in hospitals, service maintenance companies, and biomedical equipment manufacturing.

Florida Community College will refer you for internships and job interviews. You will have the opportunity to network with small and large hospitals and medical maintenance companies in north Florida and possibly become employed while you’re still in school.

Career Opportunities, Rapid Placement
North Florida has a strong medical industry and the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce is actively seeking more companies for the region. The U.S. Department of Labor predicts the demand for biomedical equipment technicians will grow as much as 34 percent over all in the next several years.

Annual Salaries
Entry level for medical equipment technicians in Florida averages $17.90 per hour. Overtime, bonuses, rapid advancement and opportunities for self-employment can rapidly increase your income.

Certification and Articulation
This program offers workforce and technical certificates that qualify you for entry-level service positions. Certain credits transfer to a 2- or 4-year degree.

This program does not provide a Florida state workforce certificate but does provide a Florida Community College certificate. After completing the courses in this program, students can articulate to the certificate or college credit degree programs. Please contact your advisor 904.598.5676 to apply or for more information.

Application Procedure
Application to the program is made by contacting the Advanced Technology Center Program Manager. The Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) is a major criterion in a student’s completion of the program. Students who fail to meet the State of Florida’s designated exit score will be required to complete the Vocational Preparatory Instruction (VPI). In order to complete the program successfully, students must achieve or surpass the designated exit score. (See Standards of Academic Progress.)

Applicants must:

  1. Be accepted for admission to Florida Community College.
  2. Provide a high school completion transcript or copy of GED® test scores.
  3. Show completion of TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education). For TABE information, call 904.633.8388.
  4. Complete the TABE with the required scores for this program: Math – 10, Language – 10 and Reading – 10.
  5. Apply to the program by contacting the Advanced Technology Center program manager.

Estimated tuition is $3,841 (for Florida residents, as of 7/06). Contact program manager for additional costs (textbooks, materials, fees).

Biomedical Equipment Maintenance and Repair Technology (5936)

Professional Courses
Contact Hours
Workforce Credits
*VPI 0100 Basic Reading Skills
*VPI 0200 Basic Mathematical Skills
*VPI 0300 Basic Language Skills
EEV 0031 Survey of Electronics 60 2.00
  or EEV 0029 Electronics Theory 30 1.00
   and EER 0936 Technical Career
30 1.00
EEV 0543 Desktop Operating Systems 60 2.00
EEV 0585 Technical Support 60 2.00
EEV 0531 Computer Peripherals and
60 2.00
EEV 0554 Introduction to Network
60 2.00
EEV 0480 Biomedical Technology and
EEV 0481 Biomedical Instrumentation I
EEV 0815 Digital Fundamentals
EEV 0906 Biomedical Internship I
EEV 0606 DC/AC Network Analysis 60 2.00
EEV 0482 Biomedical Instrumentation II
EEV 0816 Microprocessor Fundamentals
EEV 0813 Solid State Devices
EEV 0814 Analog Circuits Analysis
EEV 0907 Biomedical Internship II
EEV 0908 Biomedical Intership III
  Total Contact Hours

*Students who have satisfactory test scores are not required to take these courses.

Record of Conviction of a Crime
Companies or agencies used for some clinical, internship or cooperative education classes may require students to undergo drug screening and/or criminal background checks prior to placement at their sites. Students whose drug screening or criminal background checks are unsatisfactory may be denied access to the company or agency. Withdrawal from the program may be necessary if students cannot be placed for clinical, internship or cooperative education classes.

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