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Florida Community College 2006-07 Catalog


College Credit Courses

EST 1603 Robotics - Mechanics and Control — 4 Credit Hours

Prerequisite: EST 1520. This course introduces the student to robotics and defines the uses in the computer integrated manufacturing industry. Various topics cover robotic classifications, applications, socioeconomic impact, work-cell design, and the different software packages for programming different manufacturers robots, plus I/O and sensor interfacing with class projects centered on a CIM work-cell. This course provides experiences in programming an industrial robot for applications ranging from assembly applications involving the interfacing and control for clamping, parts feeding, index table control, conveyor integration and fault detection. A host computer will be integrated into the factory lab for just in time and flexible manufacturing for students manufacturing a product. Students gain operating and troubleshooting experience, plus application engineering and systems integration experience on dedicated machinery and assembly robots. Five contact hours: four lecture hours, one laboratory hour.

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