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Florida Community College 2006-07 Catalog


College Credit Courses

EST 1542 Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers — 4 Credit Hours

Prerequisites: EST 1511 and EST 1700. This course introduces various programmable logic controllers and how each interfaces with hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical controls for automated applications. Laboratory experiences include the design and troubleshooting of ladder logic programs, working with counters, registers, decoders, and digital to analog converters, analog to digital converters, and storage devices. The latest programmable logic controllers from the leaders in the industry will be used as the processors for control applications, rung programming, sequencers, data manipulation instruction, file-to-file moves and graphics. Communications between the processors on the same platforms will be over a Data Network that is selective to each PLC manufacturer. The course concludes with an individual student project involving the programmable logic controller and electro-mechanical control of an industrial application. Five contact hours: four lecture hours, one laboratory hour. A.S., A.A.S.

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