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Florida Community College 2006-07 Catalog


College Credit Courses

EST 1535 Automated Process Control — 3 Credit Hours

Prerequisites: EST 1520 and EST 1540. This course introduces the modern approach to control theory and the ideas of controllability. The popular Proportional plus Integral plus Derivative (P.I.D.) control scheme is covered in detail. Other topics covered: Laplace transforms, frequency domains, control of a second-order system, and compensating networks such as lead, lag, and lead-lag. Lecture and lab assignments provide experience with sensors, level control, flow control, pressure control, temperature control, DAC and ADC conversion, digital set point applications and analog processing. The Allen-Bradley and Siemens processors will be used as the process controllers with a process control trainer to design, construct, interface, program and troubleshoot control circuits and systems. Four contact hours: three lecture hours, one laboratory hour. A.S., A.A.S.

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