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Florida Community College 2006-07 Catalog


College Credit Courses

EHD 1413 Interactive Interpreting III — 3 Credit Hours

Prerequisite: EHD 1407 with a grade of C or better, or permission of the instructor. Corequisites: EHD 1930 and EHD 1941 or permission of the instructor. This course is a continuation and third in sequence of Interactive Interpreting I and II. This course provides in-depth application of techniques, strategies and skills learned in the first two courses of the sequence. There will be expanded focus of providing interpretation for real-life situations with an emphasis on receptive and voicing skills development using ASL and Contact Signing. Students will use live models, video and audio tapes and interaction with the hearing and deaf communities to improve advanced interpreting skills. Three contact hours. A.S., A.A.S.

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