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Florida Community College 2006-07 Catalog


College Credit Courses

CET 2881 Data Forensics II Advanced — 3 Credit Hours

This course provides information on advanced computer forensics and how to prepare for and conduct a computer investigation, use of computer forensics software including Access data’s Forensic Toolkit FTK and Guidance Software’s Encase, use of computer forensics acquisition hardware including Forensic Recovery Evidence Device (FRED), Ultimate Tool Kit Write Blocker suite, Voom Hardcopy II, advanced techniques in Windows Registry analysis utilizing FTK’s Registry Analyzer, recover forensic data from handheld devices such as PDAs, Pagers, and cell phones using Paraben’s Cell and PDA Seizure, password recovery tools including Accessdata’s PRTK, analysis of Windows XP operating system, and forensic analysis of Vista, Microsoft’s newest operating system. Hands-on exercises are an integral part of the course. Four contact hours: three lecture hours; one laboratory hour. A.S., A.A.S.

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