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  Florida Community College programs of study
  Associate in Science/Associate in Applied Science
  Computer Programming and Analysis (Client/Server Programming) (A26C)
  The Computer Programming and Analysis program associate in applied science degree prepares students for a variety of positions in computer and information systems. Common job titles for which this degree prepares students include: programmer, programmer-analyst, software developer and software engineer. An internship is included in the program to provide work experience.
  Certification and Licensing:
This program prepares students to take exams for certification in both Microsoft Developer (MSD) and Sun Java.
  General Education Courses
  ENC 1101 English Composition I (3)
  MAT 1033 Intermediate Algebra (4)
  *Humanities (3)
  SOP 1002 Human Relations (3)
  *Communication - Category B (3)
  Total General Education Credits: 16
  Professional Courses
  CGS 1060 Introductory Computer Concepts (3)
  COP 1000 Introduction to Programming and Algorithm Design (3)
  CGS 1100 Microcomputer Applications for Business and Economics (4)
  COT 1000 Data Processing Mathematics (3)
  COP 2837 Introduction to Programming with Visual Basic.NET (3)
    or COP 2332 Introduction to Windows Programming Using Visual Basic (4)
  CGS 2542 Database Concepts for Microcomputers (3)
  CDA 2500 Introduction to Data Communications (3)
  OST 2335 Applied Business Communications (3)
  COP 2702 Oracle SQL and PL/SQL (4)
  GEB 1011 Introduction to Business (3)
  COP 2220 Introduction to C Programming (3)
  CIS 2321 Information Systems (3)
  CIS 1943 Internship (3)
  Total Professional Course Credits: 41
  Professional Electives:
  Group 1 (minimum 3 credit hours)
  COP 2334 Object-Oriented Programming with C++ (3)
  COP 2250 Fundamental Concepts of Java Programming (3)
  COP 2252 Websphere Java Programming (3)
  COP 2800 Object-Oriented Programming with Java for Programmers (4)
  COP 2333 Advanced Windows Programming Using Visual Basic (4)
  COP 2360 Introduction to C# (3)
  CTS 2823 Internet Web Services (3)
  Group 2 (minimum 3 credit hours)
  COP 2250 Fundamental Concepts of Java Programming (3)
  COP 2251 Intermediate Java Programming (3)
  COP 2806 J2EE Java Development I (3)
  COP 2807 J2EE Java Development II (3)
  COP 2332 Introduction to Windows Programming Using Visual Basic (4)
  COP 2805 Advanced Java Programming (3)
  COP 2837 Introduction to Programming with Visual Basic.NET (3)
  COP 2120 COBOL Programming (3)
  COP 2121 Advanced COBOL Programming (3)
  COP 2743 DB2 Universal Database (4)
  COP 2745 Advanced Oracle PL/SQL Programming (3)
  COP 2812 Introduction to XML (3)
  COP 2822 HTML Programming (4)
  COP 2838 Advanced Visual Basic.NET Programming (3)
  CAP 2023 Introduction to Game Programming (3)
  CAP 2024 Advanced Game Programming (3)
  CIS 2930 Special Topics (3)
  CIS 2931 Special Topics (1)
  CIS 2932 Special Topics (2)
  Total Professional Elective Credits:6
  Total Program Credits: 63
  *Refer to General Education Requirements
  *Refer to A.S. degree General Education Requirements.
  NOTE: You have two options in this program: the associate in science (A.S.) degree, which can prepare you for employment or transfer to a state university, and the associate in applied science (A.A.S.) degree, which is intended primarily for students who want immediate employment after graduation. If you choose the A.S. degree you must take MAC 1105, MGF 1106 or a higher level mathematics. The A.A.S. degree requires MAT 1033 or higher. Please see an advisor to determine the option that is best for you.
  Total Tuition and Fees: Total Estimated Tuition*: $3,800. (*for Florida residents, as of 7/04)

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