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Technical Certificate

Emergency Medical Technician (Basic) (6394)

THE CAREER: An emergency medical services system consists of many different components. Emergency medical technician is the basic entry-level for work in the EMS field. EMTs provide basic life support and transportation for the sick and injured.

THE PROGRAM: This limited access program prepares graduates to function as entry-level emergency medical technicians. Upon completion of the program, graduates are awarded a technical certificate and are eligible to apply to sit for the Florida state board exam to qualify for certification as an EMT in the state of Florida.


Expected Job Growth: According to the Department of Labor, much faster than average.

Starting Salary: $18,000

Certification and Licensing:
Upon completion of the program graduates are eligible to apply to sit for the Florida state board exam to qualify for certification as an EMT in the state of Florida.

This program is accredited by the Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services, 4052 Bald Cypress Way, Tallahassee, FL 32399 (850.245.4440).

Application Procedure

Prior to being admitted to the program applicants must complete EMS 1059 First Responders: Emergency Care Training.

  1. All applicants for admission to this program must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Students must have earned a high school diploma or equivalency degree.
  3. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered (contact EMT office for application deadlines).
  4. Applicants must document all eligibility requirements:
    1. Student number and classification as degree-seeking
    2. Notarized character statement
    3. First Responder or acceptable medical experience
    4. Current HCP-BLS card
    5. Satisfactory scores on admission test and successful completion of any required prep courses (students will not be considered for admission before they have completed all required reading and English prep courses; students admitted before completing mathematics prep courses must enroll in, and successfully complete, mathematics along with EMT.)
    6. Proof of PIP car insurance
    7. Copy of drivers license
  5. The College Placement Test (CPT) will be required of all EMS program applicants for admission purposes. Applicants will be ranked according to their CPT scores (CPT scores used: reading, English, elementary algebra). These CPT scores will not replace placement results that were determined by other testing options. Students who are placed in prep classes may retake the CPT one time, after the completion of all required prep courses. Request for retest forms are available in the EMS office.
  6. Applicants will be separated into day and night classes by their designated choice. The top 24 ranked students in each class will be notified by mail of their acceptance into the program and will be notified of the special registration requirements for the program. Those accepted who fail to register and pay for their classes at the designated time will forfeit acceptance into the class. In case of forfeiture, the next highest ranked student will be notified of acceptance.

A physical examination will be required upon acceptance to the program.


Professional Courses
*EMS 1059 First Responders: Emergency Care Training (2)
EMS 1119 Fundamentals of Emergency Medical Care (6)
EMS 1401 Fundamentals of Emergency Medical Care Clinical Experience (3)

Total Credit Hours: 11

Please see the technical certificate Graduation Requirements.
*Students who have successfully completed HCP 0001 (the health care core) may substitute the core for EMS 1059.

Prior to contact with patients or patient specimens, students must furnish proof of childhood immunizations. Hepatitis B vaccination is strongly recommended. Health insurance must be maintained throughout clinical training. Contact program chairperson for additional information.

Clinical agencies may require students to undergo drug screening and criminal background checks prior to placement in the agencies for clinical experiences. Students whose drug screening and criminal background checks are unsatisfactory may be denied access to clinical experiences by the clinical agencies. Withdrawal from the program may be necessary if students cannot be placed for clinical experiences.

Estimated tuition is $700 (for Florida residents as of 7/04). Estimated cost of materials, fees and books is $300.


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