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Technical Certificate

Computer Programming Specialist (Java Language) (6158)

The Java language is one of the simplest ways to develop software for multiple-platform environments and the Internet. This technical certificate prepares you to attain a well-paid position in software development as a Java programmer. All courses in this technical certificate apply to the Computer Programming and Analysis (Client/Server Programming) A.S./A.A.S. degree.


Professional Courses
COP 1000 Introduction to Programming and Algorithm Design (3)
**COP 2250 Fundamental Concepts of Java Programming (3)
  or COP 2252 Websphere Java Programming (3)
  or *COP 2800 Object-Oriented Programming with Java for Programmers (4)
CGS 2542 Database Concepts for Microcomputers (3)
  or COP 2702 Oracle SQL and PL/SQL (4)
CIS 2321 Information Systems (3)
*COP 2805 Advanced Java Programming (3)
  or **COP 2551 Intermediate Java Programming (3)
COP 2806 J2EE Java Development I (3)

Total Credit Hours: 18

Please see the technical certificate Graduation Requirements.
* Students taking COP 2805 must take prerequisite COP 2800.
** Students taking COP 2551 must take prerequisite COP 2250.

Estimated tuition is $1,100 (for Florida residents, as of 7/04).


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