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Technical Certificate

Food and Beverage Management (Catering) (6050)

The Catering Certificate program is designed to provide career-oriented students with basic catering and management principles and training for supervisory/management positions in the food service/hospitality industry. The program provides students with a foundation for building a rewarding career in a dynamic, growing industry. The hospitality industry is the second largest and fastest growing business in Florida.

Graduates will learn to assist with management operations, have a working knowledge of basic kitchen operations, deal with personnel management and catering operations. Typical job titles include: assistant manager, catering supervisor, fist cook, line production manager and assistant catering manager.

Educational coursework includes emphasis on communication, management, human relations and leadership skills. Through the internship program, catering students gain college credit and valuable, profitable work experience. This program is offered at North Campus during the day, weekends and evening. Pursued full-time, this program can be completed in 18 months.

Expected Job Growth: As fast as average, according to the Department of Labor. Growth is affected by tourism, which is up 12% in Florida, and demand exceeds supply throughout the nation.

Starting Salary: $18,000 - $25,000

Certification and Licensing:
Graduates will be prepared for Florida Restaurant Association's Serv/Safe Management certification.

This certificate articulates directly into the Culinary Management and the Restaurant Management A.S./A.A.S. degree programs. The certificate represents an early exit point for students seeking preparation for a career in food catering or food service related programs.

This program is accredited by the American Culinary Federation, 10 San Bartola Drive, St. Augustine, FL 32086 (Phone - 800.624.9458).

Application Procedure

Immediately upon enrolling and before selecting first semester courses prospective students must be advised by the hospitality management professor to ensure proper course sequencing, as well as take the CPT assessment. Applications are accepted for fall and spring semesters. The program manager, with the approval of the dean of instruction may require additional courses or make substitutions to meet the needs of the students. Not all courses are offered every term. There is a specific order in which many courses must be completed. The recommended sequence is available in a student handout.


Professional Courses
FSS 1202 Food Production I (3)
FSS 1250 Dining Room Management (3)
FOS 1201 Sanitation and Safety Management (3)
HFT 1000 Introduction to Hospitality Management (3)
FSS 1221 Food Production II (3)
FSS 1120 Management of Food and Beverage Purchasing (3)
FSS 2300 Supervision and Personnel Management (3)
HFT 2941 Hospitality Internship I (3)
FSS 2284 Catering and Buffet Management (3)
FSS 1100 Menu and Marketing Management (3)
FSS 1246 Baking (3)

Total Credit Hours: 33

Please see the technical certificate Graduation Requirements.

Students enrolled in food production courses are required to purchase a knife set, and an approved chef's uniform and black non-skid shoes. Students enrolled in dining room courses will be required to purchase dining room uniforms. Text books are required for a majority of the courses.

Students must supply their own health insurance coverage while enrolled in the program. Companies who provide internship sites require students to have insurance coverage while on their premises.

Estimated tuition is $2,000 (for Florida residents, based on fees as of 7/04); estimated cost of materials, books and fees is $1,000.


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