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  Workforce Certificate
  Legal Secretary (5729)
  The Legal Secretary program will prepare you to start a successful career in legal services administration. In addition to basic secretarial skills, this program will teach you computer applications and formats used in the legal office. You'll learn legal office theory and procedure, and gain valuable on-the-job experience in a law office setting. This gives you a great opportunity to observe legal secretaries "in action," perform some of the responsibilities yourself, and get to know people who work in a law office.
  Students may begin at two levels: Level I - The OTA 900 series courses will assist students in obtaining basic secretarial skills. Students may establish competency at this level and go on to Level II.
  Level II - The OTA 400 series is comprised of specialized legal classes. The training will emphasize mastery of computer applications and formats applicable to the legal office, familiarity with legal office theory and procedure, and actual work experience through cooperative education in a law office setting.
  Requirements and Curriculum:
Required TABE scores are: Math, 10; Language, 10; and Reading, 10.
  General Education Courses
  Total General Education Credits:
  Professional Courses
  *VPI 0100 Reading Skills
  *VPI 0200 Mathematical Skills
  *VPI 0300 Language Skills
  OTA 0900 Business Systems and Technology (150/5)
  OTA 0902 Administrative Office Technology I (150/5)
  OTA 0903 Business Software Applications I (150/5)
  OTA 0909 Business Software Applications II (150/5)
  OTA 0474 Legal Office Technology I (150/5)
  OTA 0477 Legal Office Technology II (150/5)
  OTA 0475 Legal Aspects of Business (75/2.5)
  OTA 0478 Legal Office Technology III (75/2.5)
  Total Professional Course Credits:
  Professional Electives:
  Total Professional Elective Credits:
  Total Program Credits: 1050 Contact Hours
35 Workforce Credits
  *Students who have satisfactory test scores are not required to take these courses.
  Application Procedures:
Application to the program is made by contacting the Program Manager of Office Systems Technology. For additional information call 904.381.3502.
  Total Tuition and Fees: Estimated Tuition*: $1,900 Estimated Books and Materials: $400 (*For Florida residents, based on fees as of 7/04)

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