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Patient Care Technician (5707)

The Patient Care Technician program is a cluster of planned, sequenced instruction to cross-train students as advanced patient care givers under the supervision of the registered nurse. The program consists of the following components and exit points:

Health careers core (HCP 0001) - This introductory health course is a prerequisite for all other programs.

Articulated Nursing assistant ( HCP 0001 and HCP 0102C) - Nursing assistants are educationally trained to provide patient care services under the supervision of physicians and nurses in the hospital, nursing home and home health settings.

Advanced Home health aide (HCP 0001 and HCP 0311) - A home health aide is one of the fastest growing occupations and educationally prepared to assist patients in the home environment under the supervision of nurses and home health care agencies.

Patient care assistant (HCP 0001, HCP 0102C, HCP 0311, and HCP 0620) - Patient care assistants are multi-trained and the field is rapidly growing. Minimal education requirements will help prepare graduates for entry-level employment. Certification and experience as a patient care assistant are beneficial for entry into other nursing professions.

Allied Health Assistant (HCP 0001 and HCP 0780) - The course includes electrocardiography whereby the aide is an individual who is skilled in performing electrocardiographs in a variety of health care facilities. The course also includes phlebotomy whereby the individual is skilled in performing phlebotomy in a variety of health care facilities. Completers of this program assist physicians, registered nurses and licensed practical nurses with patient care.

Advanced Allied health assistant (HCP 0001 and HCP 0781) - An individual who has acquired a variety of nursing related skills through formal education and laboratory training. Completers of this program assist with patient care in a variety of health care facilities working with registered nurses and licensed practical nurses.

Patient care technician (HCP 0001, HCP 0102C, HCP 0311, HCP 0620, HCP 0780, HCP 0781 and HCP 0796) - Patient care technicians are multi-trained individuals who have been educationally prepared to provide patient care services under the supervision of physicians, nurses and home health agencies in hospitals, nursing homes and home health settings.

Following the core, each component is completed sequentially, through the patient care assistant course, although the allied health assistant and advanced allied health assistant courses can be taken in any sequence. All courses must be completed in order to enroll in the patient care technician course. This program expands the traditional role of the nursing assistant, providing a broad foundation of knowledge and skills to be applied to the care of the patients in hospitals, nursing homes and in their homes.

Starting Salary: $14,020

Requirements and Curriculum:

Students must provide evidence of current CPR certification — adult, child and infant (achieved through an American Heart Association approved Basic Life Support (BLS) Course for Health Care Providers) — that includes hands-on simulated experiences.

Professional Courses

*VPI 0100 Reading Skills
*VPI 0200 Mathematical Skills
*VPI 0300 Language Skills

**HCP 0001 Health Careers Core (90/3)
HCP 0102C Articulated Nursing Assistant (75/2.5)
HCP 0311 Advanced Home Health Aide (50/1.5)
HCP 0620 Patient Care Assistant (75/2.5)
HCP 0780 Allied Health Assistant (150/5)
HCP 0781 Advanced Allied Health Assistant (100/3.5)
***HCP 0796 Patient Care Technician (60/2)

Total Program Credits: 600 Contact Hours/20 Workforce Credits

*Students who have satisfactory test scores are not required to take these courses.

**HCP 0001, Health Careers Core is a co-requisite with any of the modules.

***All courses must be completed prior to enrolling in this course.

Total Tuition and Fees: Estimated tuition is $1,080 (for Florida residents as of 7/04)


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