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Workforce Certificate

Electrical and Instrumentation Technology (5628)

Through this program, you learn to install, operate, program, interface, service, troubleshoot and implement automated equipment and robotic systems for various applications. You'll gain tremendous expertise in electronics, industrial control circuits, instrumentation sensors, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), hydraulics and pneumatics.

In each course, you'll have the benefit of two instrumentation laboratories equipped with a full complement of today's advanced measurement and control devices. Over half the program is hands-on, which includes lab projects designed to interface with actual process applications set up in an applications lab.

Students wishing to enter this program should be advised by the instructor or program manager prior to enrollment in these courses. For information call 904.598.5600. Basic entry skills level in math, reading, and language must be attained prior to program completion.


Professional Courses

*VPI 0100 Basic Reading Skills
*VPI 0200 Basic Mathematical Skills
*VPI 0300 Basic Language Skills

BCV 0600 DC Theory (150/5)
BCV 0601 AC Theory (150/5)
EEV 0271 Testing Equipment for the Electrical and Instrumentation Fields (50/1.5)
BCV 0663 Motors and Controls (150/5)
BCV 0664 Industrial Wiring (150/5)
EEV 0761 Robotics - Mechanics and Control (50/1.5)
EER 0471 Industrial Electronic Technology (120/4)
EEV 0332 Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers (120/4)
EEV 0724 Fiber Optics and Data Networks for Instrumentation (60/2)
EEV 0623 Basics of Instrumentation (150/5)
EEV 0624 Process Instrumentation for Measurement and Control (120/4)
EEV 0625 Instrumentation and Programmable Logic Controller Applications (130/4.5)
EEV 0626 Instrumentation System Graphics (120/4)
EEV 0628 Instrumentation System Troubleshooting (150/5)
EEV 0629 Documentation for Instrumentation and NICET Preparation (130/4.5)

Total Credit Hours: 1,800 contact hours/60 workforce credits

*Students who have satisfactory test scores are not required to take these courses.

Estimated tuition is $3,200 (for Florida residents, as of 7/04).


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