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  Florida Community College programs of study
  Workforce Certificate
  Cosmetology (5624)
  Cosmetology is a lucrative, challenging and exciting career for individuals who are ambitious. Florida Community College offers the staff, facilities and curriculum to assist students in developing the skills necessary to achieve success in the field. Students may choose to attend full-time or part-time. This program is offered at North Campus during day and evening hours.
  Certification and Licensing:
After successfully completing the program, students are qualified to take the cosmetology examination given by the Florida State Board of Cosmetology. Licensing and certification for immediate employment in the field are obtained by passing this examination.
  Requirements and Curriculum:
This program admits students in the fall, spring and summer terms. To be eligible for this program students must score at ninth grade or higher levels in reading, mathematics and language on the state mandated Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE). Students scoring below these levels will be required to take the appropriate basic skills classes to assist in meeting these minimum levels. The TABE must be taken prior to applying for cosmetology. The official score is submitted with the application for admission. Credit will be given for completion of high school or the GED® test as follows: .25 points per full year up to four years for work experience, .5 points for high school diploma and .25 points for completion of the GED® test. Official transcripts and GED® test scores, when applicable, must also be provided at the time of application.
  General Education Courses
  Total General Education Credits:
  Professional Courses
  *VPI 0100 Reading Skills
  *VPI 0200 Mathematical Skills
  *VPI 0300 Language Skills
  COS 0080 Cosmetology I (120/4)
  COS 0081 Cosmetology II (120)
  COS 0082 Cosmetology III (120)
  COS 0083 Cosmetology IV (120/4)
  COS 0084 Cosmetology V (120/4)
  COS 0085 Cosmetology VI (120/4)
  COS 0086 Cosmetology VII (120/4)
  COS 0087 Cosmetology VIII (120/4)
  COS 0088 Cosmetology IX (120/4)
  COS 0089 Cosmetology X (120/4)
  COS 0930 Selected Topics in Cosmetology (optional)
  Total Professional Course Credits:
  Professional Electives:
  Total Professional Elective Credits:
  Total Program Credits: 1200 Contact Hours
40 Workforce Credits
  *Students who have satisfactory test scores are not required to take these courses.
  Application Procedures:
Students entering this program may be required to enroll in basic skills training. This will be determined by the student's score on the state mandated Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE). Prospective students must be advised by a counselor or a cosmetology professor prior to enrollment.
  Total Tuition and Fees: Estimated tuition* is $2,200 (*for Florida residents, as of 7/04)
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