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Workforce Certificate

Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing (5606)

You can be part of a team that does amazing work — making damaged cars look like new again. After finishing this program, you can get a rewarding job in a body and paint shop, dealership or garage. Find out how to make dents and scratches disappear. The program also covers repair and replacement of larger sections. You’ll learn to use precision equipment and tools to restore value to vehicles. Customers will appreciate you and your fine work.

There are plenty of opportunities in paint and body repair. Your certification will give you an edge in the job market, and you can earn above-average wages. The training program provides exit points if you want to focus on one area.

Students enrolled in this program may be required to enroll in basic skills training. This will be determined by their scores on the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE). Students should be advised by the instructor or the program manager before enrolling in courses. For information call 904.633.8334.


Professional Courses
*VPI 0100 Basic Reading Skills
*VPI 0200 Basic Mathematical Skills
*VPI 0300 Basic Language Skills

ARR 0930 Postsecondary Internship (Optional)

ARR 0610 Detailer (125/4)
ARR 0411 Basic Automotive Painting (125/4)
ARR 0291 Basic Automotive Body Repair (125/4)
ARR 0271 Basic Automotive Glass (125/4)
ARR 0020 Estimator (100/3.5)
ARR 0351 Frame Straightening (150/5)
ARR 0412 Advanced Automotive Painting (108/3.5)
ARR 0180 Custom Painting (108/3.5)
ARR 0100 Trim and Tinting (109/3.5)
ARR 0292 Advanced Automotive Body Repair and Panel Replacement (108/3.5)
ARR 0111 Automotive Welding (108/3.5)
ARR 0273 Advanced Automotive Glass and Sheet Metal (109/3.5)

Total Credit Hours: 1400 contact hours/45.5 workforce credits

*Students who have satisfactory test scores are not required to take these courses.

Estimated tuition* is $2,500. (*for Florida residents, as of 7/04)


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