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Air Conditioning Refrigeration and Heating Technology (5604)

Maintaining proper air quality and a comfortable temperature inside every office, industrial building, home and school is a necessity. Ensuring food, medicine and other perishables are safely refrigerated and controlled is also imperative. Those are just a couple of the reasons why the need for trained technicians who know how to install, repair or service air conditioning, heating and refrigeration systems is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through this decade. Earning this certificate can be the starting point of a very satisfying career, which pays higher than average hourly wages.

Students enrolled in this program may be required to enroll in basic skills training. This will be determined by their scores on the entry-level test. Students should be advised by the instructor or the program manager before enrolling in courses. For information call 904.633.8287.


Professional Courses

*VPI 0100 Reading Skills
*VPI 0200 Mathematical Skills
*VPI 0300 Language Skills

ACR 0930 Postsecondary Internship (Optional)

ACR 0001 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Theory I (125/4)
ACR 0100 Basic Electricity and Schematics (125/4)
ACR 0002 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Theory II (125/4)
ACR 0621 Applied Heating (125/4)
ACR 0001L Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Lab I (125/4)
ACR 0002L Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Lab II (125/4)
ACR 0622 Heating Lab (125/4)
ACR 0102 Applied Electricity and Schematics (125/4)
**ACR 0575 Piping (117/4)
  or **ACR 0930B Postsecondary Internship
ACR 0577 HVAC Controls (116/4)
ACR 0578 Refrigeration Controls (117/4)

Total Credit Hours: 1350 contact hours/44 workforce credits

*Students who have satisfactory test scores are not required to take these courses.
**See program advisor to assure proper course selection.

Estimated tuition* is $2,400. Estimated cost for books and materials is $250. (*for Florida residents, as of 7/04)


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