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  Florida Community College programs of study
  Associate in Science Degree
  Aviation Operations (2253)
  This program prepares you to pursue a career in aviation technical, administrative or management positions in public, private or government aviation operations, or in military aviation as a commissioned officer or pilot. You can gain the entry-level knowledge and skills you need to become an airline business manager, air traffic controller or airport manager.
  Requirements and Curriculum:
An official high school transcript or a copy of your high school equivalency degree is necessary.
  General Education Courses
  ENC 1101 English Composition I (3)
  *Social and Behavioral Sciences (3)
  *Humanities (3)
  MAC 1105 College Algebra (3)
  ENC 1102 English Composition II: Writing About Non-Fiction Prose (3)
  Total General Education Credits: 15
  Professional Courses
  ATT 1100 Private Pilot Ground School (3)
  ASC 1210 Aviation Weather (3)
  ASC 1310 Federal Air Regulations/Legislation (3)
  MAN 2300 Human Resources Management (3)
  ASC 1010 History of Air Transportation/National Airspace System (3)
  GEB 1011 Introduction to Business (3)
  ATT 1810 Environment of the Air Traffic Controller (3)
  AVM 2941 ATC Facility Internship (4)
  Total Professional Course Credits: 25
  Professional Electives:
  ATF 1000 Basic Flight I (3)
  ATF 1100 Basic Flight II (3)
  ATT 1110 Commercial Pilot Ground School (3)
  ATT 1120 Instrument Rating Ground School (4)
  MAN 2043 Quality Management (3)
  ENC 2210 Technical Report Writing (3)
  SOP 1002 Human Relations (3)
  CGS 1060 Introductory Computer Concepts (3)
  ASC 2110 Advanced Air Navigation (3)
  Total Professional Elective Credits:24
  Total Program Credits: 64
  *Refer to General Education Requirements
  *Refer to A.S. degree General Education Requirements.
  Note: This associate in science degree program is intended primarily for students who desire to complete an associate's degree and become employed. Students who decide to pursue university transfer study must meet certain course and test requirements. See your advisor for details.
  Total Tuition and Fees: Total Estimated Tuition* (for entire program) $ 3,900. Total Estimated Books and Materials Fees $500. (*for Florida residents as of 7/04)

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