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  Florida Community College programs of study
  Associate in Science/Associate in Applied Science
  Office Software Applications Administration (2143)
  Earning your associate's degree in Office Software Applications Administration will open doors to many high-paying job opportunities. You will learn today's advanced computer applications and become an expert word processor. Career possibilities include digital publisher, document manager, and administrative assistant. Effective communications and decision-making skills are emphasized in this program.
  Technical certificates are included as options within this degree program. Students may choose to pursue an A.S. or A.A.S. degree and earn technical certificates while completing the requirements for the degree, or pursue one or more certificate programs to develop or upgrade their skills in a particular field. Contact an advisor or counselor to determine the career education path that is best for you.
  Students may complete a degree in only one of the three specialty tracks, Office Administration, Medical Office or Office Software Applications. Students who wish to add a second area of specialization after completing a degree should pursue the technical certificates in that area.
This program is accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).
  General Education Courses
  ENC 1101 English Composition I (3)
  *Mathematics (3)
  SOP 1002 Human Relations (3)
  *Humanities (3)
  *Communications - Area B (3)
  Total General Education Credits: 15
  Professional Courses
  CGS 1570 Microcomputer Applications (3)
    OR CGS 1100 Microcomputer Applications for Business and Economics (4)
  OST 2771 Word Processing I (3)
  CGS 2512 Spreadsheet Concepts and Practices (3)
  CGS 2542 Database Concepts for Microcomputers (3)
  OST 1108 Keyboard Skill/Speed Building (3)
  OST 2773 Word Processing II (3)
  OST 1581 Professional Development in the Work Environment (3)
  OST 1324 Business Mathematics (3)
  CGS 1580 Introduction to Desktop Publishing (3)
  CGS 2555 Introduction to the Internet (4)
     OR CGS 2820 Web Site Design and Development (4)
  OST 1384 Introduction to Customer Service (3)
  CGS 2525 Introduction to Multimedia (3)
  OST 2335 Applied Business Communications (3)
  OST 2402 Administrative Support Systems and Procedures (3)
  OST 1942 Internship (2)
  Total Professional Course Credits: 45
  Professional Electives:
  ACG 2021 Financial Accounting (4)
  APA 1001 Applied Accounting (3)
  CGS 2554 Introduction to E-Business (4)
  CGS 2555 Introduction to the Internet (4)
  CGS 2571 Advanced Microcomputer Applications (3)
  CGS 2820 Web Site Design and Development (4)
  CGS 2821 Advanced Web Site Design and Development (4)
  OST 1100 Keyboarding/Introduction to Word Processing (3)
  OST 1145 Data Entry Applications (3)
  OST 1336 Fundamentals of Business Communications (3)
  OST 1355 Introduction to Information and Records Management (3)
  OST 2501 Office Systems Management (3)
  OST 2946 Internship (3)
  Total Professional Elective Credits:3
  Total Program Credits: 63
  *Refer to General Education Requirements
  *Refer to A.S. degree General Education Requirements.
  NOTE: You have two options in this program: the associate in science (A.S.) degree, which can prepare you for employment or transfer to a state university, and the associate in applied science (A.A.S.) degree, which is intended primarily for students who want immediate employment after graduation. If you choose the A.S. degree you must take MAC 1105, MGF 1106 or a higher level mathematics. The A.A.S. degree requires MAT 1033 or higher. Please see an advisor to determine the option that is best for you.
  Total Tuition and Fees: Estimated tuition is $3,800 (for Florida residents as of 7/04)

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