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2000-2001 Catalog

Programs of Study (Associate in Arts)

The state of Florida has adopted common prerequisites for each major that are required at all ten state universities. These courses should be completed as part of the associate in arts degree (A.A.). It is also important to note that for all the same major, each university may have different admission requirements in addition to the common prerequisites. In some universities, common prerequisites must be completed in order to be admitted into a program. These programs are identified as Limited Access. Contact a counselor or adviser for more information about each major.

To meet the A.A. degree requirements and course/admission requirements to a university, it is important that each A.A. student identify a major and transfer institution as soon as possible. Admission to a university is based on proper selection of the required courses and meeting the admission criteria. Students transferring to a Florida university should complete the associate in arts degree (36 credits of general education/CLAST), the common prerequisites (some common prerequisites may also meet general education requirements), and obtain the admission criteria to be successful in the transfer process.

All students are encouraged to contact a counselor or advisor for more information about each major. Program specific information is available on the individual institution’s Web site and through academic advising on each campus. Students should be aware that program eligible courses are determined by the receiving institution.

Degree and Certificate Programs
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