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2000-2001 Catalog

Office Management and Secretarial
Medical Secretarial (5617)

Vocational Certificate Program

This program offers a broad foundation of knowledge and skills expanding the traditional role of the medical secretary. The content includes the use of technology to develop communication skills, higher level thinking skills, decision-making skills, medical terminology, the performance of office procedures specific to the medical environment, transcription of medical documents from machine dictation, the production of quality work in an efficient manner using advanced features of business software applications, research of job opportunities, and the production of high quality employment portfolios and job-seeking documents.

The program focuses on broad, transferable skills and stresses understanding and demonstration of the following elements of the medical secretarial industry; planning, management, finance, technical and production skills, underlying principles of technology, labor issues, community issues, and health, safety, and environmental issues.

PURPOSE:  This program is designed to prepare students for employment as file clerks, general office clerks, secretaries, and medical secretaries and to provide supplemental training for persons previously or currently employed in any of these occupations.

Professional Courses
Course Number and Title
Contact Hours
*VPI 0100 Reading Skills   
*VPI 0200 Mathematical Skills   
*VPI 0300 Language Skills   
OTA 0900 Business Systems and Technology I 
OTA 0901 Business Systems and Technology II 
OTA 0902 Administrative Office Technology I 
OTA 0903 Business Software Applications I 
OTA 0904 Medical Office Technology I 
OTA 0905 Medical Office Technology II 
OTA 0906 Medical Office Technology III 

*Students who have satisfactory test scores are not required to take these courses.
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