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2000-2001 Catalog

Industrial Electricity (5674)

Vocational Certificate Program

This program is designed to provide the student with the necessary skills to perform the duties of an industrial electrician in most industrial environments. Topics covered in the eight individual courses include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. DC and AC Theory; 
  2. industrial electronic components, principles of operation, applications, troubleshooting, and maintenance;
  3. industrial wiring techniques, power distribution components, NEC requirements for motors, transformers, feeders and mains, circuit breakers, and switch-gear; 
  4. AC & DC motors, maintenance, construction principles of operation and NEC requirements; 
  5. industrial motor controls, relay logic, 2 and 3 wire, forward and reversing, timing, sequencing, symbology, ladder diagrams, magnetic starters, control relays, and virtually all other control functions; 
  6. programmable logic controllers (PLCs) principle of operation, digital logic concepts, I/O designations, wiring methods, inter face applications, ladder diagrams, symbology, basic programming concepts and differences in manufacturers; 
  7. maintenance and troubleshooting of electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic components and systems.
Approximately 60–70 percent of the training is "hands-on" utilizing actual industrial equipment and situations emphasizing electrical safety in all of the training environments, classrooms, and labs.

Basic minimum skill levels in math, reading, and language must be attained in order to complete this program.

Students wishing to enter this program of study should be advised by the instructor or program manager prior to enrollment in these courses.
For information call 766-5581 or 766-5587.

Professional Courses

Course Number and Title
Contact Hours
*VPI 0100 Reading Skills  
*VPI 0200 Mathematical Skills  
*VPI 0300 Language Skills  
#BCV 0600 DC Theory 
#BCV 0601 AC Theory 
BCV 0664 Industrial Wiring 
BCV 0663 Motors and Controls 
EER 0471 Industrial Electronic Technology 
EEV 0332 Introduction to PLCs 
EEV 0157 Industrial Maintenance 

*Students who have satisfactory test scores are not required to take these courses.
#These courses are core courses for all electrical programs of study.
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