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2000-2001 Catalog

Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Travel
Food Management, Production and Services (5740)

Vocational Certificate Program

The program is a cluster consisting of the food and beverage preparation, kitchen and dining room helper and baker and cook’s assistant instruction. The program is designed to provide multiple completion points and prepares students for employment as food and beverage preparers, kitchen and dining room helpers or baker and cook’s assistants. The first completion point is food and beverage preparer, followed by a kitchen and dining room helper and, finally, the baker and cook’s assistant component.

Students learn sanitation and safety, proper receiving and storage of goods, care of facilities and equipment as well as responsibilities and skills in the dining room service area. Students will be provided instruction in the preparation of salads and dressings, soups and sauces, starches and entrees, baked goods and desserts. Students may continue education for an associate in science degree in restaurant or culinary management.

Students enrolled in this program may be required to enroll in basic skills training. This will be determined by their scores on the state mandated Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE). Prospective students should be advised by a counselor or program chairperson prior to enrolling. For information call 766-5572.

Course Number and Title
Contact Hours
Professional Courses
*VPI 0100 Reading Skills
*VPI 0200 Mathematical Skills
*VPI 0300 Language Skills
FSS 0252 Food Preparation Worker I
FSS 0253 Food Preparation Worker II
FSS 0254 Food Preparation Worker III
FSS 0255 Food Preparation Worker IV
FSS 0256 Food Preparation Worker V
FSS 0257 Food Service and Restaurant Manager I
FSS 0258 Food Service and Restaurant Manager II

*Students who have satisfactory test scores are not required to take these courses.