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2000-2001 Catalog

Construction and Metal Trades
Electricity (Construction) (5632)

Vocational Certificate Program

This program of study provides the necessary entry-level skills to become an experienced electrical worker in residential and commercial electricity and is designed for an ultimate goal of journeyman/ master electrician. Topics covered by the eight individual courses include, but are not limited to, the following: 1) DC/AC theory — the basis for all phases of the electrical trade; 2) proper selection and use of both power and hand tools associated with the electrical trade; 3) blueprint; 4) an in-depth study of the National Electrical Code (NEC) as it pertains to residential, commercial, and industrial installations; 5) residential and commercial wiring techniques for both new and remodeling installations; 6) and electrical maintenance procedures for most equipment and systems.

Approximately 60-70 percent of training experience will be through "hands-on" situations in the lab and through actual construction projects created by the college with the emphasis placed on safety in the lab and on the project site.

Basic entry-level skills in math, reading, language must be attained in order to complete this program.

Students wishing to enter this program of study should be advised by the instructor or program manager prior to enrollment in these courses. For information call 766-5587 or 766-5588.

Course Number and Title
Contact Hours
Professional Courses
*VPI 0100 Reading Skills
*VPI 0200 Mathematical Skills
*VPI 0300 Language Skills
BCV 0600 DC Theory
BCV 0601 AC Theory
BCV 0629 Residential Wiring I
BCV 0660 Commercial Wiring I
BCV 0631 NEC Review
BCV 0630 Residential Wiring II
BCV 0661 Commercial Wiring II
BCV 0662 Electrical Maintenance

*Students who have satisfactory test scores are not required to take these courses.