Certificate Course Description: ORH 0056

ORH 0056 Floral Design and Marketing III
Prerequisite: ORH 0055 or consent of instructor. This course introduces students to data entry and business software. In addition, students will learn how to decorate, care for and display the most common flowering and foliage plants. Dish garden and designs for all occasions are also covered. This course also provides students the fundamentals in purchasing perishable and non-perishable floral merchandise. Emphasis will be placed on determining consumer demand as well as planning, selecting, controlling and evaluating purchases. This course will tour firms representing various aspects of the floral industry. Itineraries include visits to wholesalers, manufacturers, nurseries, gift markets and trade shows. Up to 30 hours of instructional time may consist of field work or projects that occur outside the classroom. TABE is required within the first six weeks of beginning program.