Certificate Course Description: ORH 0055

ORH 0055 Floral Design and Marketing II
Prerequisite: ORH 0054 or consent of instructor. This entry-level course is designed to teach students everyday skills in flower shop operations including window display, packaging flowers, delivery, operation of a cash register, customer relations, and use of wire service. Students will be introduced to pricing procedures, holiday designs and non-floral products such as balloon bouquets fruit baskets and gourmet baskets. This course also provides students with an in-depth understanding of the personal selling process as it specifically relates to floral industry. Emphasis will be on successful personal selling techniques, multiple and suggestive selling, and personal service as related to the merchandising of flowers, floral designs, and floral products. Up to 30 hours of instructional time may consist of field work or projects that occur outside the classroom.