Certificate Course Description: HCP 0400

HCP 0400 Patient Care Assistant
Prerequisites: HCP 0605, HCP 0102C, HCP 0311, completion of 10th grade, 18 years of age, health clearance, and completion of a basic course in cardiopulmonary resuscitation. This course includes knowledge and skills relating to various client care activities and associated non-professional services necessary in caring for the personal needs and comfort of clients in non-complex situations. This care may be given in a general hospital, a nursing home or the home of the client. Family differences and ethical, safe practices will be stressed and instruction is limited to those supportive services necessary to assist the client toward independent living in a safe environment. The role of patient care assistants as assistants to and under direction of, the registered nurse is emphasized. Upon successful completion, graduates will be able to take the State of Florida Examination to become certified nursing assistants and will also be eligible to function as home health care aides.