Adult Studies and ESL Courses
2000-2001 Catalog

Statement on Florida's Statewide Course Numbering System

The course numbers appearing in the catalog are part of a statewide system of prefixes and numbers developed for use by all public postsecondary and participating private institutions in Florida. One of the major purposes of this system is to make transferring easier by identifying courses which are equivalent, no matter where they are taught in the state. All courses designated as equivalent will carry the same prefix and last three numeric digits.

The classifying and numbering of courses was done by postsecondary faculty members in each academic discipline. Their work was reviewed by faculty members in all of Florida's postsecondary institutions, who made suggestions and changes to be incorporated into the system.

The course numbering system is, by law, descriptive, not prescriptive. It in no way limits or controls what courses may be offered or how they are taught. It does not affect course titles or descriptions at individual schools. It seeks only to describe what is being offered in postsecondary education in Florida in a manner that is intelligible and useful to students, faculty and other interested users of the system.

The course numbering system was developed so that equivalent courses could be accepted for transfer without misunderstanding. Each public institution is to accept for transfer credit any course which carries the same prefix and last three numeric digits as a course at the receiving institution.

For example, if a student has successfully completed SYG 000 at a community college, the student cannot be required to repeat SYG 000 at the school to which he or she transfers. Further, credit for any course or its equivalent, as judged by the appropriate faculty task force and published in the course numbering system, which can be used by a native student to satisfy degree requirements at a state university, can also be used for that purpose by a transfer student regardless of where the credit was earned.

It should be noted that a receiving institution is not precluded from using non-equivalent courses for satisfying certain requirements.

General Rule for Course Equivalencies

All undergraduate courses bearing the same alpha prefix and last three numbers (and alpha suffix, if present) have been agreed upon to be equivalent. For example, an introductory course in sociology is offered in nearly 40 postsecondary institutions in Florida. Since these courses are considered to be equivalent, each one will carry the designator SYG 000.

First Digit

The first digit of the course number is assigned by the institution, generally to indicate the year or (level at which) it is offered. This digit does not affect the equivalency.

0 — college preparatory credit (not for degree)

1 — freshman year

2 — sophomore year

In the sociology example mentioned above, one institution which offers the course in the freshman year will number it SYG 1000; a school offering the same course in the sophomore year will number it SYG 2000. If the prefix and last three numeric digits are the same, the courses are substantively equivalent.


Each institution will retain its own title for each of its courses. The sociology courses mentioned above are titled at different colleges Introductory Sociology, General Sociology and Principles of Sociology. The title does not affect the equivalency. The courses all carry the same prefix and last three numeric digits: that is what identifies them as equivalent.

Equivalency of Sequences

In certain cases, sequences of courses in a given discipline are equivalent rather than the individual courses, which make up these sequences. In these cases the subject matter topics may not be taught in the same sequence, course by course, in several institutions; however, upon completion of the full sequence at any of the several institutions, students have completed substantively equivalent content. These sequences are clearly identified in the course equivalency profiles.

Explanation of Prefixes and Numbers

Prefixes and numbers in the course numbering system are not chosen at random; they are designed to describe course content in an organized fashion within a classification system developed for each subject matter area.

Generally each of the major classifications in a discipline is represented by a three-alpha prefix. In some cases, one three-alpha prefix has been sufficient for the entire discipline. A discipline may use as many prefixes as necessary to accommodate its major classifications. The logic of the system allows it to be infinitely expandable with minimal disruption to existing numbers.

History, for example, has several prefixes: AFH, African History; AMH, American History; ASH, Asian History; EUH, European History; HIS, History - General; LAH, Latin American History; and WOH, World History. All history courses in the state will carry one of these prefixes. (Local titles are used for each particular course. The last three numbers are used to indicate equivalency.)

Exceptions to the Rule for Equivalencies

The following are exceptions to the general rule for course equivalencies.

  1. All numbers which have a second digit of nine are for courses as directed independent study, thesis hours, etc., and courses with 900 numbers must be evaluated individually and are not automatically transferable.
  2. All internships, practicums, clinical experiences and study abroad courses, whatever numbers they carry, are not automatically transferable.
  3. Performance or studio courses in art, dance, theater and music are not automatically transferable but must be evaluated individually.

Certificate Course Descriptions

All courses in the following list are not taught each term. Class schedules which show the courses that will be offered are published prior to each term.

Adult Basic Education, High School Equivalency, High School Diploma and English as a Second Language

Non-Credit Adult Studies ESL

AHS 0101 English I
AHS 0102 English II
AHS 0103 English III
AHS 0104 English IV
AHS 0105 Business English
AHS 0121 Special Topics World Literature
AHS 0122 Special Topics American Literature
AHS 0123 Special Topics British Literature
AHS 0151 Writing I
AHS 0152 Writing II
AHS 0193 English Honors III
AHS 0194 English Honors IV
AHS 0201 General Science
AHS 0202 Earth/Space Science
AHS 0203 Environmental Science
AHS 0250 Anatomy and Physiology (With Lab)
AHS 0251 Botany (With Lab)
AHS 0252 Chemistry I
AHS 0253 Physical Science (With Lab)
AHS 0254 General Science (With Lab)
AHS 0255 Biology I
AHS 0256 Earth/Space Science (With Lab)
AHS 0257 Environmental Science (With Lab)
AHS 0259 Marine Science I (With Lab)
AHS 0290 Anatomy/Physiology Honors (With Lab)
AHS 0292 Chemistry I Honors (With Lab)
AHS 0293 Physical Science Honors (With Lab)
AHS 0295 Biology I Honors (With Lab)
AHS 0296 Earth/Space Science Honors (With Lab)
AHS 0321 Algebra I
AHS 0322 Geometry
AHS 0323 Algebra II
AHS 0324 Mathematical Analysis
AHS 0325 Trigonometry
AHS 0330 Algebra Ia
AHS 0331 Algebra Ib
AHS 0334 Liberal Arts Mathematics
AHS 0393 Algebra II Honors
AHS 0401 American History
AHS 0402 American Government
AHS 0404 World History
AHS 0405e Economics
AHS 0406 The American Economic Experience: Scarcity and Choice
AHS 0492 American Government Honors
AHS 0495e Economics Honors
AHS 0505 Critical Thinking and Study Skills
AHS 0506 Career Research and Decision-Making
AHS 0601 Health I, Life Management Skills
AHS 0704 Workplace Essentials
AHS 0716 Keyboarding and Business Skills
AHS 0732 Child Development
AHS 0733 Parenting Skills
AHS 0801 Drawing and Painting I
AHS 0821 Drama I
AHS 0822 Drama II
AHS 0823 Acting I
AHS 0824 Stagecraft I
AHS 0825 Voice and Diction I
AHS 0841 Chorus I
AHS 0911 Advanced Reading
AHS 0915 Creative Writing
AHS 0940 African-American History
AHS 0941 World Cultural Geography
AHS 0942 Psychology
AHS 0943 Sociology
AHS 0944 Humanities to 1500
AHS 0945 Humanities Since 1500
AHS 0946 Law Studies
AHS 0949 Civics
AHS 0951 French I
AHS 0952 French II
AHS 0953 Spanish I
AHS 0954 Spanish II
AHS 0955 German I
AHS 0961 Health II, Personal Health
AHS 0962 Personal Fitness
AHS 0963 Personal, Social, and Family Relationships
AHS 0971 Introduction to the Computer
AHS 0972 Computer Applications I
AHS 0975 Voluntary Public Service
AHS 0976 Computer Applications II
ASE 0012 Adult Life Stages
ASE 0014 Reading for Adults A
ASE 0015 Reading for Adults B
ASE 0016 Reading for Adults C
ASE 0017 Reading for Adults D
ASE 0024 Mathematics for Adults A
ASE 0025 Mathematics for Adults B
ASE 0026 Mathematics for Adults C
ASE 0027 Mathematics for Adults D
ASE 0034 Language for Adults A
ASE 0035 Language for Adults B
ASE 0036 Language for Adults C
ASE 0037 Language for Adults D
ASE 0040 Workforce Readiness
ASE 0060 High School Equivalency Comprehensive Review
ASE 0061 High School Equivalency on TV
ASE 0062 High School Equivalency Writing
ASE 0063 High School Equivalency Social Studies
ASE 0064 High School Equivalency Science
ASE 0065 High School Equivalency Literature
ASE 0066 High School Equivalency Mathematics
ASE 0067 High School Equivalency QuickStart

Non-Credit Adult Studies ESL

SLD 0050 ESOL Foundations
SLD 0200 ESOL 2
SLD 0300 ESOL 3
SLD 0400 ESOL 4
SLD 0500 ESOL 5
SLD 0600 ESOL 6

These courses provide English language instruction for limited English proficient adults. They are designed to prepare students to communicate effectively in a multi-faceted society with workplace, life, and academic applications. This program of courses is divided into seven Literacy Completion Points.


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