2000-2001 Catalog
Theatre Production and Administration

TPA 1000 Introduction to Theatre Technology

TPA 1060 Scene Design

TPA 1210 Stagecraft I

TPA 1211 Stagecraft II

TPA 1220 Introduction to Stage Lighting

TPA 1248 Stage Make-up

TPA 1273 Stage Properties

TPA 1290 Technical Theatre Lab I

TPA 1291 Technical Theatre Lab II

TPA 2077 Scene Painting

TPA 2083 Technical Design Individual Problems

TPA 2208 Drawing and Drafting for the Theatre

TPA 2212 Sound for the Stage

TPA 2221 Advanced Stage Lighting

TPA 2230 Costume Techniques

TPA 2292 Technical Theatre Lab III

TPA 2293 Technical Theatre Lab IV

TPA 2600 Stage Management