2000-2001 Catalog
Radiologic Technology

RTE 1000 Introduction to Radiologic Technology

RTE 1111 Patient Care for Radiologic Technologists

RTE 1418C Radiographic Technique I

RTE 1457C Radiographic Technique II

RTE 1473 Radiographic Technoloy Quality Assurance

RTE 1503C Radiographic Procedures I

RTE 1513C Radiographic Procedures II

RTE 1613 Radiologic Physics I

RTE 1623 Radiologic Physics II

RTE 1804L Radiographic Clinic I

RTE 1814L Radiographic Clinic II

RTE 1824L Radiographic Clinic III

RTE 1834L Radiographic Clinic IV

RTE 1844L Radiographic Clinic V

RTE 2061 Radiologic Seminar

RTE 2202 Radiologic Management and Education

RTE 2204 Medical/Legal Aspects of Radiology

RTE 2308 Radiation Safety and Protection

RTE 2385 Radiation Biology

RTE 2587 Advanced Developments in Radiologic Technology

RTE 2782 Radiographic Pathology