2000-2001 Catalog
Risk Management and Insurance

RMI 1134 Retirement Plans: Basic Features and Defined Contributions Approaches

RMI 1521 Principles of Insurance (INS-21)

RMI 1522 Personal Insurance (INS-22)

RMI 1523 Commercial Insurance (INS-23)

RMI 1612 Principles of Casualty Insurance and Surety Bonding

RMI 1613 Principles of Property Insurance

RMI 1615 Principles of Property Insurance Adjusting

RMI 1631 Principles of Liability and Claim Adjusting

RMI 2524 Essentials of Risk Management (ARM 54)

RMI 2525 Essentials of Risk Control (ARM 55)

RMI 2526 Essentials of Risk Financing (ARM 56)

RMI 2535 Principles of Insurance Production (AAI 81)

RMI 2536 Multiple-Lines Insurance Production (AAI 82)

RMI 2537 Agency Operations and Sales Management (AAI 83)