2000-2001 Catalog
Respiratory Therapy

RET 1008 Pharmacology for the Respiratory Therapist

RET 1024 Fundamentals of Respiratory Therapy

RET 1276 Physical Assessment Skills

RET 1450 Diagnostic Monitoring

RET 1485 Cardiopulmonary Anatomy and Physiology

RET 1824 Clinical I

RET 2264 Ventilatory Techniques

RET 2265 Advanced Monitoring and Therapeutic Techniques

RET 2272L Clinical II

RET 2284C Clinical Seminar in Intensive Respiratory Care II

RET 2350 Advanced Pharmacology

RET 2414 Pulmonary Function Studies

RET 2434 Arterial Blood Gases and Critical Care Monitoring

RET 2484 Pulmonary Pathology

RET 2520 Community Health

RET 2714 Neonatal/Pediactric Respiratory Care

RET 2832 Clinical III

RET 2833 Clinical IV