2000-2001 Catalog
Para Legal Assistant

PLA 1003 Introduction to Legal Assisting

PLA 1080 Legal Interviewing and Communicating

PLA 1104 Legal Research and Writing I

PLA 1303 Criminal Law and Procedure for Legal Assistants

PLA 1423 Contract Law

PLA 1931 Selected Topics in Legal Assisting

PLA 1933 Selected Topics in Legal Assisting

PLA 2114 Legal Research and Writing II

PLA 2203 Litigation

PLA 2236 Alternative Dispute Resolution

PLA 2263 Evidence for the Legal Assistant

PLA 2273 Tort Law

PLA 2433 Business Organizations

PLA 2465 Debtor/Creditor Law

PLA 2484 Administrative Law

PLA 2603 Wills, Trusts and Estates

PLA 2763 Law Office Procedures

PLA 2793 Technology in the Law Office

PLA 2803 Family Law

PLA 2880 Constitutional Law